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Some Difference February 8, 2012

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I love how my kids are so different!  Sometimes I just sit and think of all the ways…
Having a girl for almost 7 years before I got my son, I was not prepared for what having a boy would be like.  From pregnancy, to labor, to this day, they are SO different, besides the obvious.  We didn’t find out what we were having, so a girl was a surprise.  I was sure it was going to be a boy.  Chloe’s pregnancy was cake, labor sucked but not too long, 8 hours.  But from day one, she was a fussy, difficult baby!  She wouldn’t nurse, she cried all the time, she go sick from 5 months on, never slept through the night!  It was exhausting.  She didn’t nap very long at a time.  Besides not knowing who I was after having a baby, I was dealing with sleep deprivation and not knowing if I was doing the thing right.  She had ear tubes at 11 months, tonsils out at 3 years.  She took a binky until she was 3.  She slept horrible.  It sounds all negative…but it really was hard.
Pregnancy with Brody was rough. He was on my sciatic nerve so from 5 months on I was in complete misery daily.  Nights were horrible, days were horrible.  We knew we were having a boy which I was not so happy about.  I wanted another girl, so I had to get over it!  I got really sick when I was 8 months and had to go to the hospital, I couldn’t stop throwing up and they were afraid I would go into labor.  Labor and deliver were cake!  I went home the next day.  He nursed like a champ!  He didn’t sleep through the night till about 3-4 months, but he napped so well.  When he finally did start sleeping through the night he didn’t cry out like she did.  He went from taking 3 naps a day, to 2 naps a day.  He just started taking 1 nap a day in January!  He wasn’t sick much his whole first year.  He sleeps when he’s sick, which was a shock to me.
I love how God placed in Chloe the heart of a girly girl, but also she is rough and tumble and can play with worms and fish!  She loves jewelry and play makeup , she loves to dress up, high heels and nail polish.  She loves to pretend, to help me cook, and boss people around.
Brody just knew how to be a boy.  One day he found a car and started pushing it around, like a car should go.  He loves to be rough and tackle and growl.  He climbs and gets into everything.  (Chloe never did that).  He’ll tell me off in baby language.   I love discovering new things about him.
I can’t imagine not having them in my life.  Are there things I’d do differently if I could go back, sure.   But I’m so grateful that God’s ways are not our ways.


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