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Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad attitude. January 24, 2012

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That’s me today!  Ever since Chloe got in my bed at 2:30 this morning b/c of the thunderstorm….I’ve been grouchy, short tempered, snippy, sulky.  I feel like I’ve set the tone for the whole week to be, well, crap.
The parenting tip on today’s blog from the Duggar mother, whom I struggle greatly to respect,was a profound statement!  “Ask God to help you conquer your anger because it can destroy your relationship with your children.  Praise them 10 times more than you correct them.”  I am not daily asking God for help with my anger.  I see my anger chipping away at my character, and putting chinks of anger into my daughter’s armor.

I loved today’s challenge @ women living well.  They encouraged me that everyone has those days and I need to make the conscious choice to change my words and the way I praise them.  I as a Christian parent have to look different.
I really like Angela’s example of 2 cor 10:5  take every thought captive.   I’ve had a rough evening feeling emotional and not like myself.  Feeding Brody his bottle had me in tears about my attitude, fears about my emotions, and shame about my mothering /spousing today.   She mentioned we should be using  God’s word is our filter.  I’m not using the filter.   I’m NOT using the filter often enough.  It’s not my first thought to direct my children back to the cross.  (slap)

What my morning should have looked like was talking to my child about her fears, not to focus on the fear itself, but directing it back to God, that He will always be faithful to us.  I’m constantly reminding her “you’re making the choice to disobey/use attitude/lie/be angry”, etc  I need to take heed of my walk, since I’m so good at the talk!

This week’s challenge is to add in words of praise for Christlike qualities.
Tomorrow has got to be better, right?


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