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Nothing More Than Feelings January 23, 2012

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I have this feeling….uncertainty, dread, angst, discontentment…can’t really put my finger on it.  But one thing for sure, change has happened.  We got a puppy.  I didn’t want a puppy.  I don’t want another dog.  I have 1 dog, he’s old, he’s easy, he pees outside, he doesn’t bark, can’t see, can’t hear.  We went to Petland and looked a puppies (always a problem) and held this cute little puppy that of course was extremely adorable, and extremely discounted.  Chloe begged, Brad was all for it.  So he left it up to me and if you could have seen my little girls face with this puppy.  And she promised to take it out, clean up after it, etc.

So far I’ve cleaned up pee 3 times!  THRICE!
So far I’ve almost crushed her under my size 9 1/2’s.
So far Chloe  dropped her off the counter.
So far Brody has laid on her, poked her, kissed her, kicked her, pushed a toy car into her.
So far all we’ve fought over her name since the drive home.  I want to call her CoCo, Chloe wants to call her Nugget, and Brad wants to call her a him!!!

We went to Wal-Mart and bought a little kennel, bedding, sweet smelling puppy shampoo, chew toys, treats.  For Pete’s sake we’ve had a dog for 13 years!
I know this is going to be hard and I’m not ready for it.
I don’t want to clean up after a-n-o-t-h-e-r thing!
So, I’ll lie awake tonight hoping her kennel isn’t all poopy/peey.  That she doesn’t whine all night.  That she’ll eat tomorrow and learn how to let herself out and in.

Here’s to hopin’.


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