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Modeling Faith January 17, 2012

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Another Monday, another sick child in the house.   I am trying to remain positive and calm.  Put away harsh words.  Trying to be understanding and patient.  I’m ready for winter to be over, school to be out…chill.  It is important to manage my anger…I have little eyes watching.

This weeks  Gentleness Challenge had some good Proverbs about the tongue.  I am quick to get angry, and Prov. 14:29 says that brings folly.  More often than not I’m regretting my short answer, or exasperated sigh…and seeing my 8 year old do it to.

I need to be a good example.  I can manage my children’s behavior when they are with me but it’s when they are out in the world, I want to have confidence in them.   I need to model my faith to my children.   They need to see me walking my faith out.


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