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Hello world! March 30, 2009

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We had a great weekend with family. I was about to say, “and no one was sick”….but, Chloe has a cold and cough. She absolutely hates it when she can’t breathe. She’ll blow her nose every 2 seconds and ugh. So last night I found this nasal spray for kids up in the cabinet that I remember buying at Stites thinking, I bet I’ll need this some day. (i hope I haven’t created an addict)  So she wanted to do it herself.  Did great.  I didn’t hear a peep from her all night! Thanks Lord!

Brad bought Chloe a kids guitar last night. She absolutely freaked out when she got it. Ran upstairs to find me screaming….”I got a real guitar, Daddy gotted me a guitar like yours!!!!”….scream…. So she’s been jamming on that making up songs all day and night.  It’s around her shoulder this morning!  She said “I can’t believe Daddy got me that guitar!  I really wish I had a ukulele but I’m glad I got a guitar”  I told her later in life after she learns to play the guitar she can get a ukulele.

Chloe is staying with Papa from noon until Brad picks her up at 3:30. I have to work. She wants to take the guitar! hmmmm. Should I take some cotton for Pap’s ears?

So as I was saying, great time with family…..we had Heather, Aunt Donna, Mom, Deid and the boys over and we all went to the Bellefontaine Home Show. $2 to get in. It was a quit walk through. I entered to win a couple of things. I really don’t need new siding, hopefully I didn’t sign up for that one.
After the Home Show everyone came to our house and Mom had made homemade pizza crust so we got those made and chowed on homemade pizza, spinach dip, chips, pop.  Aunt Donna had made homemade coffee cake for dessert. Yum.
We played games like Left Right Center….Apples to Apples. Then we laid around and talked.
It was a lovely day.
So, off to work. Thanks Lord for a job.